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Partnership: YouTube, Twich


We invite to cooperation of owners of streamers and Youtube channels!

We can provide You with special conditions, for example, to give some in-game resources, premium packs and ships as at the time of the event and on an ongoing basis. Each request is discussed individually!

✓ You want to remove a review, update or to stream on the game
✓ On Your channel more than 100 subscribers
✓ The content of the video meets the standards of morality and ethics
✓ Your videos on the channel have a total of more than 10000 viewes
Please contact us by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page, putting a link to the channel and information about the desired event.

Partnership: Communities, sites

We can provide You with special terms, e.g., premium packages and temporary accounts with ships and equipment and other conditions or bonuses. They can be transferred to create reviews and notes on the game, in Your communities or at specialized sites, or as a reward.
Please contact with us.

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