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World of Sea Battle Game Rules

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The game Rules (hereafter the Rules) are an integral part of this agreement. Your work in the World Of Sea Battle is governed by these game Rules and the Privacy Policy and User Agreement, collectively, the "Agreement," in that case, if they are not mentioned separately. You agree that you are solely responsible for all actions taken with Your account and through Your access key.

Allowing and performing inappropriate actions the User violates the Rules of the game. In the event of a breach of this Agreement, the hotel reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to take any action, including immediate termination of the User account, introduction to technical limitations, following section 3.1 of the User agreement:

The types of restrictions on the activities of the user:

1.1 mode Read only - the deprivation of the possibility to send messages in General game chat;

1.2 the account Blocking - full restriction of access by blocking the User account;

1.3 Full lock - Lock account, and the same access key for all devices used to log in;

1.4 Restricting access to the game may result in restriction of access to the Portal, forum, and communities;

1.5 Breach of regulations under community or forum may incur as the restriction of access within the community or forum, and the application of measures in the framework of the Game, in this case, the Administration is not responsible for the correctness of the definition of account in the forum or the community to a specific User Account;

1.6 Any restrictions may be applied unilaterally, without prior notice to the User;

1.7 Any restrictions can be temporary or permanent.


1. Moderation

1.1. Information resource Project (hereinafter Informational resource or Informational resources) - General Game chat, the official forum, the official community in social networks.

1.1. Moderator – a representative of the Administration, which, under certain conditions, the monitoring of compliance with regulations by Users on Information resources.

1.2. Post-moderation – the process of viewing logs and messages, representative, or employee of the Administration, for violations of the chat Rules and terms of Agreement. Post-moderation can be done at any time, including upon receipt of a complaint.

1.3. The user is obliged to comply with the Rules on all Information resources. In case of violation of the Rules of the game, the User can be applied to temporary or permanent restriction of posting messages in the Information resource (in General chat called "the silence"), with the participation of a moderator or editorial Board, including, without preliminary warnings.

1.4. Moderation may not always be conducted promptly, therefore, in the case of any dispute are encouraged to contact the PDC (feedback) or on a special section of the forum.

2. Rights and duties of the moderator of the chat

2.1 moderator shall:

2.1.1 to Monitor the chat during his shift;

2.1.2 to Comply with the chat rules and chat following the norms of morality and ethics;

2.2 moderation is forbidden to give comments on previously issued constraints.

2.3 moderator may, in its discretion (and possible):

2.3.1 to Communicate, for example, to greet and to say goodbye, and to answer any questions, including personal, or concerning the gameplay;

2.3.2 Publish warnings and reports on their actions.

3. Nicknames, titles and Guild tags, signature

It is forbidden to use the nicknames, names of guilds, and the signature on the forum that does not conform to the norms of morality and ethics:

3.1 Containing offensive, indecent, or obscene language, including veiled or in the form of acronyms;

3.2 Containing a hint of racial or national superiority, discrimination at all levels;

3.3 Directly or indirectly related organizations, as well as historical or political figures, primarily those who are convicted by the International Tribunal for crimes against humanity and, accordingly, causes a negative reaction from a large number of people, as well as figures and names of terrorist organizations, including those active at the moment;

3.4 in any way harass a particular ethnic or racial group;

3.5 Directly or indirectly associated with sexual intercourse or violence;

3.6 Contains information that may entail erroneous perception of the User as an Administration representative;

3.7 Plagiarism nicknames, names, and tags of the Guild, including by replacement characters similar.

4. Behavior

4.1. Insulting messages that intentionally or indirectly violate human identity, human dignity, aimed at a particular player, a particular group of persons; discrimination on racial, national, religious, gender or on the basis of belonging to a social group. An exception are sentences written as a personal opinion (for example: "you're a fool", "I already consider you rukozhopye", the phrase must not offend human dignity), as well as indicating poor skills or expressing opinion regarding the actions of the player (e.g., "you diver"). Try to be polite, stick to constructive communication and maintain a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for all.

4.2. Threats messages, aimed at rendering of psychological pressure: a call for clarification of the relationship outside of the game, as well as threats about the use restrictions associated with the game. Such messages are unacceptable.

4.3. Trolling, provocation – expressions whose main aim is the provocation of individual Users or guilds to violate the Rules of the game. For this violation may be a restriction, if the result of such action another User has violated the Rules of the game and got the restriction, or if such provocation is aimed at a wide range of people, and leads to a massive aggressive response.

4.4. Negative statements: We will not tolerate disrespectful and negative statements to the representatives or employees of the Administration, the Developer of the Project as a whole.

4.5. Cursing and swearing: checkmate and veiled Mat crawling Mat filter.

Not considered a violation:

1) Similar words and phonetic homonyms are not considered to be a veiled obscenities (example: B. S., BEA, etc.);

2) Abuse, or similar statement closed symbols or asterisks, or did not finish until the end so that it is visible no more than two letters (for example: *La, n...n, etc.);

Except when foul language is read in context (for example, go on strike, etc.). Messages, visually imitating the sex organs is a violation. However, we strongly recommend that you refrain from such statements.


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4.6. Spam, newsletter, advertising:

4.6.1. The spam of posting messages consecutively in a short period of time that do not carry semantic load and clog up the chat (for example, a series of characters or numbers); the duplication of the same messages in a short period of time (not less than 3 times), broken sentences and words for individual words and letters. A short period of time is the duration of the shift post.

On the forum, the category of spam is: the duplication, overcooking (excessive quoting), regular offtopic.

4.6.2. Newsletter – writing, commercial advertising or advertising of sites, third-party projects, resources, etc., with the exception of links or references to official or fan-Project resources as well as social networking and communications.

4.6.3. Advertising - a discussion of third-party projects, businesses, and services, mentioning their full names, including transliteration. Calls for the use of third-party projects (for example: "let's go to the tanks, th here to sit").

4.6.4. Forbidden to discuss ways to bypass the rules of the project and any other information resources or products of the hacking and cheat programs, programs for the disassembly or examination of the code. As well as the message of the intent of violation of the terms of the Agreement call for such violations, the call for harm to the project.

4.7. Religion and politics: a Discussion of religion, politics, government, media, laws. Our project is a separate universe, all that concerns politics should remain outside.

4.8. Slander and false accusations: it is not allowed to slander against individuals (including the administration and the Developer of the project), groups or companies.

4.9. Conspiracy theory: we do not tolerate intentional false rumors or conspiracy theories related to Administration, Developer, Project, future plans for the development of the project. Any information regarding the activities of the Project is authentic if it is published on the official project's resources, user-friendly resources, or sent to the User by way of communication by way of feedback.

4.10. Bugs: the Dissemination of information about bugs and flaws of games that can be used for personal gain, or if the dissemination of this information is causing harm to the project. We cannot completely avoid unintentional errors, so the message data can be regarded as causing harm to the project.

4.11. Extortion: extortion is prohibited personal data (email address, username, and password). begging in any form, targeting individual Users and to everyone in General, consisting of placing requests to transfer real money or transfer the value of play. Banned from posting messages containing the intention to transfer or to get an account, clan and any other values relevant to the Project from one User to another.

4.12. Opposition: under no circumstances not allowed to deliberate opposition to requirements or actions of the Administration. For example, if we close that you created a thread in the forum with an explanation of why we did it, You are not entitled to recover the subject. It is not allowed to bypass the imposed technical constraints. It is not allowed to write messages or topics with the intention to act against or appeals to the Commission of counteraction to other community members.

4.12. Petitions and protests: we do not allow the organization of petitions and protests, through our Information resources.

4.13. Name-calling and denigration: it is not allowed to post messages or topics created with the sole purpose of "labels" at other community members or to denigrate them. This posting, which is characterized by improper any persons or group of persons, and where they have accused definition, where they are ridiculed or "put to shame". As a rule, "labeling" is due to in-game situations and/or violation of the Terms of the Agreement. Healthy competition and a certain rivalry inherent in any gaming community, especially the community game with PvP elements, but "labeling" and demonize the beyond. If You sincerely believe that someone has violated our Terms of Service, you need to report it in-game using the interface support, but in any case not to start a discussion on an Information resource.

4.14. The statements forbidden by the law:

- promotion of illegal substances, alcohol and tobacco abuse (propaganda are messages that contain a call to use, with the exception of the Roma);

the spread of rude, vulgar, pornographic and pirated content, extremist materials;

- the creation of messages, the content of which is directly or indirectly connected with organizations that violate and violate the law, including international, for example, the use of messages of different variants of Nazi symbols, references to terrorist organizations.

4.15. Personal data: to protect personal information and privacy is not recommended to share any personal data on Information resources. This also applies to the disclosure of personal data of other users in the community. Such cases not only fall under the definition of malicious conduct, but also constitute a violation of the Agreement.

4.16. Discussion action taken: if You have any questions about measures or decisions taken in relation to other Users, or if You wish to dispute a warning or punishment you received, please contact us by any convenient way of feedback, or with a special topic on the forum.

4.17. Local rules: some Forum sections or communities contain local rules are posted in the pinned topic or in the ads. They are supplemental to the Rules and are used to decrypt the specifics of some sections, but do not supersede the General Rules of the game.

4.18. Astroturfing: the artificial creation of public opinion or the maintenance of the interests of a certain group of people who are spreading spam mails or requests (on a reimbursable or non-reimbursable basis) to write specific posts, comments, answers.

5. Point of view

We understand that different people may have different views on the assessment of certain actions as violations. In our Project the only valid point of view remains with the Administration. We are always ready to discuss disciplinary actions, but it does not guarantee that the measures will be modified or canceled.

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